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Protein Bars & Shakes

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If you have difficulty eating regular healthy meals due to your busy schedule, or if you are struggling to lose weight but have trouble finding satisfying, healthy foods, Dr. G’s Weight Loss & Wellness protein bars and shakes provide a nutritious boost that leaves you feeling full and energized throughout your day. To learn more about Dr. G’s protein bars and shakes, call the Philadelphia office, or use the online contact form to schedule an appointment.

Protein Bars & Shakes Q & A

Why Do I Need a Protein Shake or Bar?

Protein is an essential nutrient that the body requires for optimum function, but unlike vitamins, mineral, or fats, your body can’t store protein, so it’s crucial to have adequate protein in your regular diet.

Protein is essential because it:

  • Builds muscle
  • Heals injured tissue
  • Produces essential hormones and enzymes
  • Keeps skin, hair, and nails healthy

Protein shakes and bars can also help you lose weight when they are used under a supervised diet program as a filling meal replacement or as an alternative to foods that are high in carbohydrates, fats, and sugar, which contribute to weight gain.

How are Dr. G’s Protein Bars and Shakes Different from Other Brands?

Most quick, packaged foods you find in the grocery store contain large amounts of carbohydrates, which may give you an initial burst of energy, but ultimately leave you feeling depleted and hungry in a short amount of time, so you end up eating more than you should.

Dr. G’s protein shakes and bars are scientifically formulated to deliver a protein boost to your body while satisfying your hunger, so you feel full and energized for extended periods of time.

Are Protein Bars the Same as Protein Shakes?

Just like shakes, Dr. G’s protein bars provide your body with a boost of protein. They’re easy to carry around with you, and many patients find protein bars particularly filling, so they can make for an excellent meal replacement or nutritious snack.

How Do I Fit Protein Shakes or Bars into My Diet?

When you have a consultation at Dr. G’s with an experienced provider, they'll discuss the benefits of bars and shakes, and how these options can benefit your weight loss and wellness goals.

Your provider prescribes Dr. G’s protein bars and shakes as part of a supervised wellness plan, so you should only consume your protein bars and shakes according to your provider’s instructions.

If you’re thinking of starting a new weight loss program and want to know more about how protein shakes and bars can help you achieve your goals, call the Philadelphia office or use the online contact form to book an appointment.