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Semaglutide Injections: Curb Program By Dr. G’s

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What is Semaglutide? 

Semaglutide was originally created to treat patients with diabetes, however, a secondary application was later found as a medicine used for weight loss, to lower blood sugar levels, and to reduce the risk of major cardiovascular events such as heart attack or stroke in type two diabetes patients. 

Semaglutide is a GLP-1 agonist and works by increasing insulin release, lowering the amount of glucagon released, delaying gastric emptying, and reducing appetite.

Semaglutide is not for use in people with type 1 diabetes.

Each of the different brands of semaglutide (Wegovy, Ozempic, Rybelus) is FDA approved for different conditions.

How does semaglutide work and application?

Semaglutide works to lower high blood sugar by increasing the amount of insulin that is released, lowering the amount of glucagon released, and delaying gastric emptying. 

Semaglutide also controls appetite and so helps you reduce the amount of food that you want to eat.  

Semaglutide is a glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) agonist

Semaglutide is applied once a week via injection and the dose is increased based on the doctor's recommendation.

Common side effects of semaglutide may include: