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Weight Loss Injections

Dr. G's Philadelphia

Medical Weight Loss Clinic located in Philadelphia, PA

If you’ve struggled to lose weight through diet and exercise, weight loss injections can help jump-start your metabolism and boost your energy so you can reach your fitness goals. To learn more about weight loss injections, schedule a consultation with one of the compassionate providers at Dr. G’s Weight Loss & Wellness in Philadelphia. Call the office or use the online contact form to schedule an appointment.

Weight Loss Injections Q & A

What are Weight Loss Injections?

Weight loss injections are prescription shots that can reduce fat storage, increase your metabolism, and promote energy to help you meet your exercise goals. In conjunction with a customized weight loss plan, the skilled providers at Dr. G’s Weight Loss & Wellness offer lipotropic, vitamin B12, and other injections to help you reap the benefits of your diet and exercise regimen.

How Do Lipotropic MIC Shots Help You Lose Weight?

Lipotropic fat burning injections use micronutrients known as lipotropins, which make it harder for your body to store fat while increasing the rate at which you burn fat. You may have heard these called MIC injections; this refers to the most common lipotropic agents that are used for weight loss injections: methionine, inositol, and choline.

MIC shots promote weight loss by harnessing the natural effects of the lipotropins:

  • Methionine: deactivates excess estrogen and helps produce creatine, which builds muscle and promotes fat loss
  • Inositol: helps break down fat compounds, cleanses the liver, and may help with insulin resistance
  • Choline: helps the liver metabolize fat and boosts energy levels

Unlike supplements, MIC injections deliver micronutrients directly to the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system so your physician can be sure you are getting exactly the amount of medication you require.

Can Vitamin B12 Shots Help Me Lose Weight?

Vitamin B12 is not lipotropic in itself, but it is essential to the health of your brain, nervous system, blood, and many other of your body’s crucial functions.

It can sometimes be challenging to get enough vitamin B12 from your diet or supplements alone. If you are deficient in B12, you may not feel as energetic and healthy as you would like. Vitamin B12 injections can improve your overall health in the following ways:

  • Increase energy
  • Improve endurance
  • Reduce sensitivity to allergies
  • Improve depression, anxiety, and overall mood
  • Promote healthy immune function
  • Promote brain and nervous system health

When you feel strong, and your outlook is positive, you are more likely to reach your weight loss goals. By promoting overall health, vitamin B12 injections can make a significant contribution to the success of your weight loss program.

To learn more about weight loss injections, and how they are used as part of a physician-supervised weight loss program, call the Philadelphia office to schedule a consultation, or use the online contact form to book an appointment.